Little House Candles offers the best in handmade, heavily scented candles. All our candles are made the old fashioned way. No fast cooling or forced injections. Our scents are made to our specifications picked by us. For our family business, only supplies made in the USA will do. We offer candles retail, wholesale and to fundraisers. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Quart Jars

28 Oz. Quart Jar. Best Bang for your buck



Pint Jars

14 Oz. Pint Jar - Our best burn

Layered Jars

14 Oz. Layered Jar - Every layer a new adventure

Jelly Jars

4 Oz. Jelly Jar - Great for a try or switch about

Travel Tins

6 Oz. Travel Tins - Great for small places


2.5 Oz Heavily Scented Wax Chunks.
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